Terms and Conditions



All business is transacted subject to our Standard Trading Conditions and which in certain circumstances exclude or limit the Company’s liabilities to its customer and include indemnities to be provided by the customer.


Acceptance of these terms and conditions by customers is deemed as being accepted when a booking is made.




When Travelling


No smoking.

No consumption of alcohol.

Passengers must always remain seated and put on seat belts. (where fitted)

All property, luggage and valuables remain the responsibility of their owners. Northside Shuttle will not be held responsible if items are broken, lost or stolen.

All our vehicles and passengers, as well as the general public are covered under Northside Shuttle’s insurance and all our services come with our guarantee.

No food or drink. (water bottles allowed)

No Pushing or shoving, intoxication of any substance or any rude or disrespectful behaviour to any of the other passengers or staff. Drivers have the right to refuse service and refunds may not be given.




Fare & Payments


Payments can be made via cash (surcharges apply), Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Each booking includes a $3 booking fee and a $30 call out fee. Depending on the circumstances around cancellation these fees may not be refundable.

Bookings made within 24 hours of pick up will incur a $10 late booking fee.

Pickups between 10pm - 4am will incur a $30 late night surcharge.

An airport tax of $7 is applied for pickups from the airport to cover toll fees.

For Central and Cruise Terminal bookings a $30 peak hour surcharge is applied for pickups between 7am-9am and 4pm-6:30pm, to cover costs for extended travel times.

For passengers paying cash, we are unable to accept any responsibility for delays and issues that may arise. We are unable to reimburse taxi fares if the delay or issue falls on the responsibility of Northside Shuttle.




Pickups & Drop Off


The original pickup time generated is to be only used as a guide and serves as a rough estimate. The night before you will recieve confirmation of the driver and his details. Included in this is the final and actual pick up time put in place by the office. Contact us if there are any qualms about your times.

In the event a customer cannot be located for whatever reason, to avoid any inconvenience to fellow customers, our drivers have been instructed to continue their journey. We will try to accommodate the customer on the next available service. If anything falls under the fault of Northside Shuttle and we feel the customer has been inconvenienced, we will endeavour to reimburse the customer accordingly, either with a full refund or cab fare.




Cleaning & Damages


No smoking, no food or drink can be consumed on the bus however we allow bottled beverages.

No unsafe or destructive behaviour.

If passengers are caught being destructive or unsafe in the bus the driver has the right to stop and refuse service. This includes pushing or shoving, graffiti or vandalism, abusive language as well as any action that damages or stains any part of the bus.


Northside Shuttle reserves the right to charge for the cleaning or repair costs that incur due to negligence of rules put forth above.




Our Guarantee


We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we offer the very best in customer service satisfaction however, there may be times, due to an act outside of our control, where we fail to deliver the highest quality of service. If this happens please contact us immediately on (02) 9909 6666


We will make every endeavour to work with you rectify the problem and come up with a solution


How It Works

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    Specify locations (pick up/drop off)

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    We generate a pick up time

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