Northside Shuttle is now in partnership with Northside Connect. We have joined up under a common cause to work towards integrating a network of advisories and associates. To improve our systems and connections with each other's websites to form an all in one platform for people around the world, who are on the move, who love to holiday and need a solution to save their money and time. Find the best deals in flights, hotels, hire cars and tours in over 52 countries! LIVE prices and LIVE updates! No commission hiked prices!

Offering real prices and our guarantee, you can now custom tailor your experience in whatever country your traveling to and enjoy a hassle-free holiday, with new horizon and itineraries.

Please give us a call today to enquire about our new partnership or go to to check it out for yourself




How It Works

  • location

    Specify locations (pick up/drop off)

  • destination

    We generate a pick up time

  • ride

    Vehicle is dispatched